Gekko Build specialises in the creation of innovative spaces, renovation and bespoke furniture using sustainable materials.  Handcrafted in St Ives, Cornwall.


Designing and working with our customers to create that perfect unique space.


Furniture is uniquely handcrafted with focus on attention to detail.


Bespoke renovations and furniture in Retail, Leisure and Hospitality.


That perfect balance between quality, functionality and sustainability, the ultimate importance of every project is the attention to detail to set it apart from the ordinary!


Sustainable sourcing. respecting the environment and minimal impact are what we strive to achieve without compromising the build and quality ensuring that every piece is made to last for many years to come.

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Ash x Douglas fir beams are looking the part.


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We are Hiring...

We are on the lookout for someone enthusiastic to join our team! Whether you are looking for a change in career, leaving school or looking to upscale.

We carry out all aspects of construction, but mainly timber based and lean heavily towards the sustainability side. With a passionate team who are happy to teach and pass on knowledge, full training will be given or an apprenticeship to the right candidate.

If you are looking for this opportunity then please drop us a message or email

Some beautiful woodwork in this exciting new build project completed in 2023. We were asked to create the joinery work and furniture for our clients @bamboohouse_cornwall wonderful project. 
We had fun with curved feature walls, huge window surrounds, rattan doors, island surrounds…

We love how much light floods into the house maximizing the beauty of the wood 🤍

For more pics head to our website

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Photos by @bamboohouse_cornwall
Earth soil or mud call it what you like we all walk on it and played with it as kids!!! 
In the building industry it’s mostly seen as a waste product (subsoil mainly) moved from site only to be replaced by other products.
Most subsoil has clay in it which means we should be utilising this amazing product, weather it be making plaster on sit or ramming it to make non load bearing walls floors ect.

Watch this space we going to be doing some fun things with earth soon.

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